SECURITY EDUCATIONAL company meets clients with rental cabins security service at fair prices depending on their needs. Security cottages are constructed of modern materials with the latest technologies.

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Not burdening your budget as the acquisition!

You can quickly get to the location where you need!

Creates NO additional expenses!

Security cottages description

Model : Sleep Off

This model is designed exclusively for the security service. It`s dimensions are calculated to ensure the optimal space for the development of a single security service agent. The electrical system is made with quality materials. Lighting is achieved with LED systems, being made inside a 12 courtesy w (LED) on the outside of a projector w 10 (which provides illumination at night of a large area in front of the cockpit). This model is equipped with an electric convector heaters type that provides a power dissipation of 500 W, ensuring comfort during the cold period. Cab access system consists of two windows and a door, all of PVC 60 mm thick, providing good visibility during service and not least a proper insulation. To achieve connection to the electrical grid, this model comes equipped with a power socket type IP44 2P + T 16A 250V (3×16) being delivered properly and stekerul for more optimal operation.


Height : 230 cm

Lenght : 110 cm

Width : 100 cm

Weight : 270 kg

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